Tuesday’s Top Visual: BIG Plans For Tiny Kitchens

There is one room in the house that gets more use than ever during the holidays: your kitchen. Whether hosting the holiday yourself, or signing up for 7 side dishes at the many celebratory potlucks in the weeks to come – your oven may be in need of a vacation as much as you do when 2016 arrives. Today’s top visual focuses not just on the hot topic of cooking – but how to do it in a small or less than ideal space.

Feel familiar?!

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Whether you live in a condo, an older home with an alley style kitchen or simply have no method to the madness of where everything is – your biggest stress may not be what to make – but HOW to make it work in the space you have.

One top tip I have read about is called a ‘holiday-specific reorganization’. This involves planning out what you are going to need, for both preparation and serving, and then reorganizing your kitchen based on the flow of the big day. Keep the items you need for meal prep in arms reach of the stove and oven, and place the items needed to finish & serve elsewhere. Dig out those heirloom serving dishes well in advance and make sure the food will fit in the buffet area you have identified.
Don’t forget about drinks! Having your wine glasses in that beautiful, glass paneled cabinet above the stovetop might not be the best solution when you are sautéing onions for the stuffing. Setting up a beverage station away from meal prep might be far more effective.
Another great strategy is to invest in appliances that you can use for the holidays and beyond. If you don’t have double ovens, investing in an electric 18+ quart roasting pan may be the way to go. Using crockpot recipes for side dishes can also be an oven space-saver.
Read more about supersizing your kitchen at: 6 Ways to Supersize Your Small Kitchen for the Holidays (CLICK HERE)
(If all else fails, you can always set a new tradition of Chinese takeout on your grandmother’s china and call it a day!)
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