Designations Create Distinctions: A Must-Know Home Buying Resource

If you have been following our newest blog series, Designations Create Distinctions, then you know that the ABR® (Accredited Buyers Representative) designation has been the focus of the last month, given that buyers need the MOST support and HIGHEST levels of expertise & dedication in this market. And you have also likely learned that designations are all about adding value and enhancing service levels. So it should be no surprise that there is a website just for buyers designed by the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council of the National Association of REALTORS®, in conjunction with the purpose of the ABR® mission.

While the thought of another real estate website may feel overwhelming – this is one that actually makes things easier rather than presenting information overload. In a streamline, clear and concise format, this resource presents guidance in the 4 key areas that impact buyers the most: Getting Started, Finding & Buying A Home, Loving Information & Finding An Agent.

In addition, concepts such as ‘agency, buyer representation, commission, closing costs, and agreements’ are explored in a manner that is transparent, user-friendly and exceedingly helpful. For example, visitors to the site can view a side-by-side chart of what it means to be a ‘Buyer-Customer’ or ‘Buyer-Client’, and also evaluate the 5 benefits of a Buyer Representation Agreement.

Don’t miss the helpful ‘Home Buyer’s Blog’ which is updated weekly with some of the most relevant and timely data that we have seen among comparable industry publications. Recent topics include: Are You Ready To Buy A Home, What If Your Bathroom Is Seriously Dated & 3 Reasons To Boost Curb Appeal Even If You Aren’t Selling (great stuff, right?!).

If you are a prospective or active home buyer seeking information about the basics and beyond of home ownership – this is definitely a resource to review. From helping you assess readiness to all aspects of the offer and contract – this tool offers strategy, simplicity and suggestions that will serve as anchors on your home buying journey. Check it out!

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