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The Best Really Do Stand Out From The Rest. 

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Have you ever noticed how many titles, initials and abbreviations some doctors have?! The person you see to manage the biggest part of your well-being (your health!) might be an M.D. , a F.N.P or a D.O. You may have doctors who specialize in cardiology, neurology, pulmonology or oncology. And while they are all highly-valued and trained to help others, their specific training is designed to help who they are committed to serving the most. Guess what… real estate is actually very similar in that regard!

Have you ever heard of an Accredited Buyer’s Representative® / ABR®, Certified International Property Specialist / CIPS, or a Seniors Real Estate Specialist® / SRES®? You might have assumed these abbreviations were only relevant to members within the industry itself, but these are actually designations and certifications that offer unrivaled advantages to the consumer. How?! Because ‘Designations Create Distinctions’ – and this market demands the finest-tuned, highest levels of service and expertise that a homeowner can find. It’s not about finding any real estate agent who wants to help you, it’s about identifying the one that can meet your needs best.

That’s why this year, we are pleased to reveal a brand-new blog series titled ‘Designations Create Distinctions’. As a veteran member of the real estate industry for over 30 years, a holder of numerous designations and regional real estate instructor, Bobbi is committed to making sure that the value of the distinctions that can be earned… can now also be understood! With a firm belief that every homeowner has the right to work with the most committed, educated and experienced agent possible, our new series will define the designations that are awarded by the National Association of Realtors based on required coursework and associated experience.

Each of the approximately two dozen certifications and designations available helps members of the real estate industry increase their skill, proficiency and knowledge – which in turn provides a better experience and result for the consumer. Would you want your podiatrist to remove your gall bladder?! Goodness no! You’d want a top general surgeon, right? The same goes for buying a home – wouldn’t you prefer an Accredited Buyer’s Representative over just anyone who passed a real estate license exam?

There are SO many benefits to the consumer for working with someone who is distinguished, that there is now way we can cover it in one blog, or even two. So each week we are dedicating a blog to defining a designation, highlighting it’s benefits, and/or identifying which drive the highest return and results in today’s market.

Check back each week as our ‘Designations Create Distinctions’ series unveils what truly sets an agent apart – and what that means for every buyer, seller, investor and family. Be sure to let us know what you think of our new series: email to share your feedback!

All our best,

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