Designations Create Distinctions: Buddy Reveals Why Take A Course With Bobbi (Shhh… Don't Tell!)

Every now and then a member of our team takes over the blog because Ms. Bobbi Decker is too humble to share certain things herself… and this is one of those times! 😉 Those of you who have followed our Tuesday blog series titled ‘Designations Create Distinctions’ know that Bobbi has dedicated her 30+ year real estate career to both clients AND colleagues in the spirit of education like never before in 2018. Determined to raise the bar in our industry by exceeding client service expectations, enhancing agent expertise and uniting like-minded professionals has been at the forefront of everything Bobbi has done this year.

But… do you know why Bobbi is so committed to teaching?! Did you know it was her passion as long as she has been in real estate (even a little longer!?!? Have you heard that Bobbi was a cheer coach… a high school teacher AND one of the first women to enter Boston College? In this video, Buddy Saupe reveals why taking a course with Bobbi is so much fun and what she brings to the classroom! Check it out! (And don’t tell her we told you… she’ll blush for the next three decades!)


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