Designations Create Distinctions: Why Working Together Matters

business meetingWelcome back to the Bobbi Decker Blog: Designations Create Distinctions Series! By now, most of you know that every Tuesday, I dedicate this edition of my blog to the agents, brokers, like-minded peers and fellow industry advocates who share in my passion for standing out.

With an estimated 2 million active real estate licensed professionals in the US, and a market that is changing constantly on global and local levels, my mission is to build a group of the most dedicated, educated, ethical and collaborative agents who serve clients like few others can. I call this ‘banding together to stand out’ – and it’s what I honestly believe the future of real estate entails. Hundreds of students have joined my classes in that spirit – and I’d like to invite you to join us!

Technology has time and time again changed the way we do business – but not the why. Real estate is and will continue to be a service-first business in which we are not just the messenger of information (people use Zillow for that!) – but the experience-based guide, the steadfast champion and ultimate analyst (there are no apps for that!). Relationships matter when people are making the biggest investment of their lives, and not just among homeowners and agents – but among agents themselves.

Of the 2 million agents in the nation, approximately 1.3 million belong to the National Association of Realtors®. Yet only 1,165 of those members also belong to local associations. Sadly, the spirit of collaboration is often lost in the fear that working together means someone wins business and someone loses.

But isn’t there enough to go around? Isn’t your dedication to homeownership something that should be echoed and not stifled? Isn’t your footprint unique no matter what agent shoes you wear?Think of a designation as added support to what is already uniquely YOU. Wearing different footwear for different outfits is much like holding different designations for the various markets you serve. It’s a firm foundation (sole so to speak!) for the ground you are already walking. And the better those shoes fit… the farther you will go!

Yes, the above analogy simplifies my message a bit – but I believe thriving in our industry is dependent on surrounding yourself with like-minded peers (the banding together part!) and standing out (getting distinctions that help you emerge from those who do 1 transaction a year or who don’t value target market expertise).  A huge component of every distinction you earn is access to a network of peers who hold that distinction too – people all over the country who offer their support and ideas in marketing to and meeting the needs of the shared population that you have chosen to serve. I always say that we are better together – and defining who we want to help most and how is an ideal first step!

Earning designations does not pigeonhole your areas of expertise, it adds branches to your tree! That tree then becomes part of an orchard… one that I believe produces results that aren’t possible in isolation. My first course of the year is the one I get asked for the most… the Senior Real Estate Specialist Designation (SRES®)! Learn more and join me in March by registering HERE! Earlybird registration ends February 25th.

Is this your year to ground your career in education & ground your mind in collaboration?! If so – let me know how I can help!

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