It's An April 1st Edition of Real Estate Radio LIVE – You Don't Have To Be The Fool

logoOur Real Estate Radio Live team thought today’s program would be a great way to dispel some of the real estate “truths from untruths”. After all, there is no better day than April Fool’s Day to say “gotcha”.

In reality, many of the beliefs people have about loans, the lending process and needed qualifications are old and antiquated. Find out what can actually help or hurt the consumer in their quest for the ideal purchase loan or refinance program.

The same idea goes for both buying and selling homes. Unfortunately, consumers use many unfounded beliefs to impact their decision making process; much to their detriment – great opportunities may pass them by as a result.

Listen in to Joe, Bobbi and Buddy for the latest and greatest in real estate education & information! Today and always…you can be the knowledgeable consumer who has the right information…NOT the April Fool

Tune in, and feel free to call or text! Dial 1.800.516.1220 or ping Bobbi at 650.346.5352. Find us on the Wall Street Business Network, Fridays from 3 to 4PM PST either on the web with iHeart world radio, online at ( click on “Listen Live”) or in the San Francisco Bay Area on AM 1220 KDOW. If there are some past programs you want to review or share with friends and associates, go to for all of the podcasts from the last 6 months.

Happy Friday!

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