Market Update: Telecommute Trends Today

Long gone are the days when work hours were 9am-5pm, when calling people was the primary form of communication and when home was your strict sanctuary away from work. With the reliance on smart phones, the increasing need for work/life balance and the desire to avoid that crazy commute at least a few days per week – telecommuting is here to stay. Whether you are an official telecommuter with set work days from home, or the unofficial telecommuter who checks work email morning and night from the kitchen table, you can no doubt relate to what the words ‘work from home’ really mean!

Conference calls, video chats and collaborative online forums are brilliant ways to stay connected with colleagues even when they are miles away – but it also means that your requirements for time and space at home need clear and sound (or sound-proof!) boundaries!

See the infographic below about who the telecommuters are… and then take a moment about what working from home means to you! (Image courtesy of CAR®) 


| As a current homeowner, you may need to re-assess if your current home is set-up to maximize efficiency for work, while still allowing comfort and relaxation when that laptop is closed. Don’t be afraid to set-up device-free hours or phone-free rooms in your home!

| As a home seller, you may wish to consider how your home fits the lifestyle of today’s employees – are you in a great commute location? Do you have an ideal layout for a tele-work situation? Many Silicon Valley employees today need both easy access to the office… but the ability to do everything they could do their at home too!

| As a home buyer, you may wish to consider your current and future telecommute possibilities – and make sure that choose a home where you can set-up a distraction free home office.

There is SO much more to talk about when it comes to pursuing the life you love both personally and professionally! Call me anytime and we’ll make sure your life has the balance you need in a space you love!

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