Monday Market Update: 5 Reasons to Love L-Shaped Kitchen Islands

Whether you are talking Hawaiian islands or the kitchen variety… we are pretty sure they can never be to big, too ostentatious or too fun! But ‘tis also true that the word fun literally lies within ‘fun’ctional… so this week we are talking about the 5 fun & functional facets of the L-shaped kitchen island!

homeowner dreamsIf you watch the “Property Brothers” on HGTV, you know that the most recent episode featured Keith & Thiago and their desire for the ultimate kitchen island. They actually wanted an island that could seat 20 people… and while that wasn’t quote possible, Drew & Scott did maximize the seating they could offer with an L-shaped kitchen island. That inspired us to create just for you this list of 5 things that this shape island can do that others can only dream of, so here goes!

#1: The L-shaped kitchen island is the ideal way to maximize storage and seating. Large islands that are rectangular or square often lose usable space by offering countertop square footage so far in the middle… no one can reach!

#2: L-shaped islands are ideal for small and medium-sized kitchens. The most common layout is one solid kitchen wall for fixed appliances and cabinets, and then the L-shaped island which offers additional storage, food prep space and seating (did someone say breakfast bar)?

#3: The L-shaped kitchen island also creates the ideal pass-through space from the kitchen to the dining area or family room on the other side. The extension of the ‘L’ also invites guests to join in the conversation during meal prep and is great for serving appetizers on.

#4: Put the ‘L’ to work by making it part of the critical kitchen work triangle (the refrigerator, stove and sink). Many kitchen islands these days are plumbed to offer a sink within them and a breakfast bar on the opposite side. (Other times, the island is home to the stove and oven to create more storage in other areas of the kitchen.)

#5: L-shaped islands are not only functional within the kitchen itself, but as part of an open floor plan. Open concept designs can create confusion between where varying spaces begin and end, but an island is a non-wall way to separate the kitchen from dining or living areas, while still retaining the open look and feel that makes open concepts so desirable.

Check out this gallery on Houzz for some great L-shaped islands that offer wine storage, book shelves and more!

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