Monday Market Update: Fire Insurance Coverage – It’s Review Time

Pile of PapersThe initial reactions of many Californians following the devastating North Bay fires have emerged in an overwhelming outpouring of community support. Local donation drives, acts of kindness and appreciation for first responders and humane rescue collaboration for four-legged evacuees have been the norm over the last week, and no doubt much help will be needed in the weeks and months to come as tens of thousands of residents struggle to start anew.

But if in the midst of seeking to support others you find yourself pausing on a matter of your own, you are not alone. The terrifying destruction that has hit our North Bay neighbors is a true wake-up call that it too could happen to you. Insurance companies are receiving a very large number of concerned calls from homeowners who want to ensure that their homes and families would be protected in the event of a natural disaster or wildfire. In that spirit, we’d like to encourage our audience to review the following resources to make sure you have the coverage you need when you need it the most. Note that we are NOT insurance experts in any way – and the advice here is intended to guide you in conversations and annual policy reviews with your own insurance agent.


Below find links to our two-part podcast series on Insurance: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly with Kelly Corwell Cansler. Learn about the ins and outs of high risk insurance, property condition, disaster coverage & more.
Find information about fire weather watch alerts and widlfires on this page created by the Department of Homeland Security.
LA Times: As California burns, here’s what you need to know about fire insurance
KEYT News: Fire insurance on the minds of homeowners after seeing devastating fires across California
CA Department of Insurance: Commissioner asks insurers to expedite claims handling to help wildfire victims
Insurance FAQ’s

Keep these questions in mind to ensure you know what you need to know when you need it the most.

#1: Is your home’s replacement cost coverage enough in the event of a major disaster? (Note rising property values…)

#2: What is your policy holder’s coverage like for damage caused by nearby smoke and ash?

#3: Does an extended replacement cost endorsement make sense for you?

#4: Based on the age and condition of your home, should you consider additional coverage for code upgrades? 

#5: Do you know receipts to save for ALE (additional living expense) coverage in the event of an evacuation?

Please take a moment to review your own policy, your own home and the risks of your own community. While we hope this is truly planning and work you complete that you will never need – the stakes are simply too high to avoid taking the steps that will protect your home and family the most.

To take action and help those whom have been so devastatingly impacted, please click HERE. 

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