Monday Market Update: Honoring Our Veterans

Today we are taking a break from our regular Monday Market Update to ask our readers to join us in reflecting & honoring our veterans. The November 11th ‘Remembrance Day’ began after World War I and rather than a one-day observance, is oft-recognized the surrounding weekend and Monday to follow. At a time of recent tragedy and the tragic fires faced by neighbors both north and south, I can think of only sincere and mounting appreciation for those few who fight so hard to protect so many ~ from our first responders to heroic community members to of course… our veterans.

As we take a moment of silence to thank our veterans for their sacrifices past, present and future – may we walk away from that silence determined to uphold the kind of nation they fought/fight so hard to create for us. The legacy our military members pass on to us is worthy of far more than just one day of gratitude, but a lifetime of service for us to continue on in their honor. 

Veterans Day Quote

Thank You Veterans. 

All our best,
The Bobbi Decker Real Estate Team

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