Monday Market Update: Pets Play A BIG Role In Real Estate

One silver lining of the recent shelter-in-place protocol has been the skyrocketing increases in pet foster and adoption rates. In fact, the San Francisco SPCA now has a waiting list of 5,000 people waiting to foster animals in need! Moreover, RIS Media recently reported that 95% of pet-owning survey respondents stated that their pet played a role in selecting as home.

In March 2020, completed a survey pertaining to homes and pet ownership on more than 2,000 buyers who planned on purchasing a residence in the next 12 months. Findings include:

| 82% of respondents were pet owners (61 percent were dog owners, 45 percent were cat owners, 12 percent were fish owners and 9 percent had birds).

| 84 percent ranked their pets’ needs as “extremely important” or “very important” in their home-search.

| Less than 5 percent said their animal’s needs were unimportant.

In a similar study conducted in 2018, 75% of respondents said that they would pass on the perfect home IF it did not meet their pet’s needs. Also interesting was that pets are an important consideration for buyers of all age groups from those 18 to 55+.

What pet-friendly features are most important in a home to you? The basics are of course a community that allows pets, as well as a fenced yard. Other considerations include a home’s location (Is the home on a high-traffic street? Is it walking distance to parks and trails?), the number of stairs and levels (an important aspect for aging pets and owners alike!) and maybe even the type of flooring and wall coverings (which can be modified of course).

As you can see in the photo of HoneyB below… a place for a soft bed (close to her beloved owners!) is key – especially after a long day at the groomers. Sporting those new bows is hard work after all. 😉

We are happy to help you and your pets make a move that is right for you – so please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, at any time.

Resources Used: Report: How Much Pets Matter When Buying a Home

SF Residents Share The Unexpected Delights And Discoveries Of Shelter In Place

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