Monday Market Update: Vacant Rooms Can Vacate Results…

If you have ever worked with me, you can count on two things… a 1000% commitment to your success and a 0% chance of listing with a vacant room. This recent infographic below from the California Association of Realtors® reinforces exactly why: vacant homes sell for less money and spend more time on the market on average compared to occupied/furnished homes.

vacant homes

Many great-intentioned sellers assume that empty homes will feel larger, cleaner, more open and will allow the home’s best features to shine. In actuality, vacancy makes a house feel less like a home. The burden becomes placed on the buyer to determine how the space will be used; thus making it even more challenging to picture themselves and their life in the home. Other reasons that vacant rooms can vacate results:

1 | Furniture serves as a room’s reference point. Without it, buyers may be unaware of the rooms functions, what will fit and what the possibilities are.

2 | Focusing on what’s left. Instead of focusing on how space in the room and home is used, potential buyers focus on everything else: nicks in the walls, bumps in the drywall, why is that light switch… there?! The result can be more questioning and negativity and less enthusiasm and curiosity.

3 | Room for desperation. A wandering mind is a dangerous thing… and buyers may begin to wonder if the circumstances for the vacancy can benefit them. Is the seller desperate… I mean they already left, right? Was there a death/divorce in the family? Was the occupant that eager to get out? Such assumptions can lead to different pricing tactics and more concerns about the home’s livability.

Last but not least – there is a BIG difference between a vacant home and livable, staged home. It virtually always benefits the sellers to de-clutter and even remove up to 30% of their belongings. While you want a home to feel lived in and loved, you also don’t want to broadcast it as yours… but theirs. Please feel free to reach out anytime if you would like to hear my personalized and experienced approach on what works and what doesn’t!

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