Monday Market Updates: The Scariest Staging You’ll Ever See

Terrifying Trends...

In honor of a frightfully fun week with Halloween coming full speed ahead, we are sharing the ’10 Most Horrifying Decorative Trends’ from the National Association of Realtors®. No matter what you see on All Hallow’s Eve, we hope you never see any of these design dilemmas at any home you tour!

#1: Toilet Rugs & Toilet Seat Covers. Did you know that the furry toilet seat cover has been voted the most despised home trend in 2018 according to a Samsung survey of designers?! Need we say more?

#2: Inspirational Quote Signs. The only thing more exhausted than a Silicon Valley resident is a home that has posted tired out sayings and inspirational quotes. Let the style speak for itself!

#3: Popcorn Ceilings. People see these and think one thing: asbestos.

#4: Floral Chintz. 28% of designers called floral chintz one of the biggest design horrors of the last 50 years; often seen on bed skirts, curtains and couches – small floral patterns can be replaced with some carefully chosen and tastefully used bigger floral prints.

#5: Wallpaper Borders. We know you have seen those ivy and floral wallpaper borders… so let’s not repeat history.

#6: Hollywood Vanity Lights. Ouch! These standalone bulbs might make you feel like a star, but buyers put them on the D-list. Warmer, softer fixtures such as wall scocnes are more highly desirable and likely to make page 6… in a good way.

#7: Round Beds. While furniture with curves is making a comeback – that trend does NOT include round beds whose 15 minutes of fame peaked in the 1960’s. Please don’t believe everything you see on Pinterest!

#8: Wood Paneling. With Joanna Gaines bringing shiplap back, wood paneled walls fall into a very gray territory. Lighter wood tones of shiplap walls used an accent may appeal to some, but darker tones and overuse are a big and unwanted 60’s and 70’s throwback.

#9: Vertical Blinds. The 1990’s curated vertical blinds as a practical and popular choice for window coverings. But the trendier choice nowadays is modern-style curtains or simply letting the natural light flow in.

#10: Faux Fruit. Artificial fruit bowls have got to go! A Stager’s favorite tricks to add color and fragrance is to use the real deal straight from the tree!

If you have seen any scary staging and home design trends, please feel free to email me what has give you a fright! I always love hearing from my readers:

Cheers to a scare-free Halloween!
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