Moving In & Moving Out Part III: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know (PODCAST RELEASE)

speech bubbleIsn’t it true that you JUST don’t know what you DON’T know… until you do?! If this sounds like Greek to you… you are not alone! As our Friday Real Estate Radio LIVE team completes our Moving In & Moving Out podcast series with Part III on Friday, we’ll reveal where to start when you just don’t know what to ask yourself when considering an offshore retirement. Based on exclusive insights from our immersive discussion with ECI Development CEO Mike Cobb and his coveted “Consumer Resource Guide”, you’ll learn how exactly to do the ‘homework’ required no matter where you decide to retire. From questions to ask, to what parts of the community to consider to financial and social implications – you’ll hear what surprised even us and made us think (and look) differently at the global real estate movement.

In addition, we’ll share a TON of gratitude for not only our local listeners, but for our international downloaders! Did you know that our Real Estate Radio LIVE podcast audience is almost exactly reflective of the international real estate investor audience?! The SAME countries listed in the recently renowned NAR® report on foreign investments aligns directly with our top countries for international downloads. We cannot thank everyone enough for their truly wide-reaching trust in the education and information that we provide. You all are the reason we do what we do, and why we’ll keep on keeping on!

Listen in this Friday on iTunes, Bobbi’s site or Real Estate Radio LIVE to join those around the world we are proud to call our loyal listeners!

If you’d like to receive your FREE copy of the “Consumer Resource Guide’ dedicated to property ownership considerations near and far, please email today! Don’t forget to ask how to join Buddy’s small group visit to Belize in October! 😉

All our best,

Bobbi, Buddy, Joe & Your Real Estate Radio LIVE Team

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