PODCAST & RADIO: Home Staging – What It Can Be (And What It Isn't!)

We are pretty excited to announce that this week’s program isn’t only a great topic – but going to be available on TWO great platforms! Friday on Real Estate Radio LIVE, we debut a brand NEW show all about home staging via podcast and radio! You heard that right… we are BACK on AM 1220 KDOW Fridays from 3-4pm PST and continuing our popular, international podcast option too! You can now listen any way you like and very, very soon – you’ll be able to join us LIVE! More info at the end of the blog…

This week our program is inspired by our own real estate staging experience coupled with the latest stats from the National Association of Realtor’s 2017 Profile of Home Staging. We’ll reveal what staging can be (such as new paint and accessories) to what it is NOT (tens of thousands of dollars!). You can count on our few decades worth of perspective on how staging has changed over time, what the biggest misconceptions are about the cost and process, what results sellers may be missing out on if they don’t do it and more! This is an ‘S’ word that is synonymous with sellers and success, so join us Friday on your favorite podcasting platform or on AM 1220 KDOW from 3-4pm!


For the next several weeks, we will continue to release new shows on Fridays, so stay tuned because we have tons of great content coming. Then, at the end of October, we’ll expand our access even more as you’ll be able to listen via podcast, via LIVE radio and via Facebook streaming LIVE (no more bunny slippers in studio!).

ICYMI (in case you missed it…): We are on an international excursion gathering real-time, real world and really FUN experience about the world of international real estate! Catch our show from Central America right here…!

All our best,

Bobbi & Buddy

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