PODCAST RELEASE: Avoiding Insurance Issues In Escrow & Keeping That Policy Current (Always!)

InsuranceSince Real Estate Radio LIVE is all about protecting our buyers, sellers and investors in every way possible – it is time to talk a subject that is the foundation of safeguarding your home: insurance. Since our goal is to keep you covered (pun intended!) both during the real estate transaction process and after… this Friday’s podcast will cover two core components with the help of expert guest Kelly Corwell Cansler, MBA and Agency Owner.

First, Kelly will take us through 6 ways to avoid insurance issues during the escrow process. After all, simply providing your lender with your insurance agent’s name is just NOT enough; Kelly will walk us through the impact of prior losses, flood insurance requirements, electrical issues, rent back contingencies, fire/brush hazards and acceptable maintenance conditions.

Second, we’ll remind our listeners that insurance isn’t just important to make sure you actually GET your home…but how updating your policy is key to maximizing your protection and minimizing your losses over time. Kelly will also talk about condo policies, fire zone insurance and much more – so don’t miss out!

Listen in to everything you MUST know to close on the home you want and protect it every minute you own it in this week’s podcast. Knowledge is power… and this is one more opportunity to power up! Tune in on iTunes, Bobbi’s website, Real Estate Radio LIVE or your favorite podcast platform.

All our best,
Bobbi, Buddy, Joe & Your Real Estate Radio LIVE Team

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