PODCAST RELEASE: Diving Deeper Into Offshore Real Estate Trends

home pricesYou know we love to travel – both physically and educationally as we take you around the world of real estate! This week we continue our trip into international real estate trends with an extension of our previous chat on the surge of foreign buyers entering the US. Since 10% of the dollar volume of existing home sales came from international buyers, we are taking you into deeper waters with the data and details and what they mean for you.

Tune into our podcast Friday as we discuss:
| The top four countries of origin of international investors
| The top 5 states that accounted for over half of residential home purchases  made by overseas parties
| International sellers of US property 
| US clients seeking overseas property ownership
| How to join our tour of the #1 island destination for Belize tourism and ownership opportunities there
| Where home price growth is HIGHER than the Bay Area
| And more! 
Does this mean more buyer competition? An uncertain end to skyrocketing home prices? A great time to sell? A change in where you want to retire and what your options are… listen in and find out!
We hope you’ll listen in this Friday on your favorite podcasting platform or Bobbi’s website!
All our best,
Bobbi, Buddy & Your Real Estate Radio LIVE Team

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