PODCAST RELEASE: Home Sales & Prices Break Records

‘The price of light is less than the cost of darkness.’

~ Arthur C. Nielsen, Market Researcher & Founder of ACNielsen


Those who continually follow our program know that we believe knowledge is power; while the current market trends are not always easy to follow, misinformation is an even harder pill to swallow. This week we are tackling the hard and fast facts of the latest headlines and diving into the records hit in real estate of late. Home prices have risen at their fastest pace since June of last year, the previous post-crisis high. Find out what this means for buyers, sellers and the Bay Area as a whole in this week’s Friday edition of Real Estate Radio LIVE!

Our hosting team, Joe, Bobbi & Buddy will reveal recent stats on the pace of home sales, the present and projected property prices and the driving forces behind them. With data from top industry sources, you’ll get the data and details you need to understand both our local and national market conditions. Don’t miss our discussion on:

| Those big-name online ‘guess-timates’ and how they can hurt more than help

| The importance of understanding your own micro-market, and finding an agent within it

| The pros and cons of navigating a buy/sell scenario this season

| And more!

You know the drill…listen in Friday to your favorite podcasting platform for our next exclusive, online edition of Real Estate Radio LIVE! Streaming on iTunes, Stitcher, Bobbi’s website and on Real Estate Radio LIVE!


Bobbi, Buddy, Joe & Your Real Estate Radio LIVE Team


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