PODCAST RELEASE: Real Estate As An Asset Class

buyersWe all know that there is no place like home…though the concept of ‘home’ means many things to many people! Home is not only a roof over your head and a center for memory-making but a way to pay yourself rather than a landlord. But did you know that real estate is also an asset class?!

With the Great Recession behind us, lessons learned include the fact that property investments (including your primary home) are an often stable, resilient and wise long-term investments. In many instances, individuals of retirement age often find equal if not greater wealth in their real estate holdings than their portfolios. While our insights are never designed to replace the wisdom or expertise of your personal financial advisor, we are dedicating an entire hour of Real Estate Radio LIVE to revealing real estate as an asset class in the modern market.

podcastIn this week’s exclusive online podcast release, we’ll take you beyond the traditional asset classes of stocks, bonds and money market instruments. In an era where real estate is more closely tied to global financial markets and where our country is oft-regarded as an international investment safe haven, real estate has a larger and more quantifiable portfolio presence than ever before.

Hear our Real Estate Radio LIVE team insights all about real estate as an asset class THIS Friday on iTunes, Bobbi’s website, Real Estate Radio LIVE online or your favorite podcast platform.

Knowledge is power – and the force is yours in this week’s podcast of Real Estate Radio LIVE!

All the best,

Bobbi, Buddy, Joe & Your RE Radio LIVE Team

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