PODCAST RELEASE: The Buyer Profile 2017

Who ARE the buyers?

Who ARE the buyers?

We always say that knowledge is power…so may the force be with you this week as we do a serious data drop on the buyers of 2017! Based on the latest data released from CAR®, the California Association of Realtors, our Real Estate Radio LIVE team will release a podcast this Friday that features buyer basics and beyond for the modern market.

Before we launch into the actual buyer profiles and needs, we will supply the context of the market they are hoping to succeed in. Notable trends include the purchase of second and vacation homes across the state while still considered ‘affordable’ and how many homes are really going over asking price – and by how much.

Bobbi, Buddy and Joe will provide an overview of where the buyers are coming from, what community types they are seeking and which motivating factors are driving them to make a move. Don’t miss out on this informational and educational edition of Real Estate Radio LIVE! Check it out this week on iTunesBobbi’s website or Real Estate Radio LIVE!

~ Bobbi, Buddy, Joe & Your Real Estate Radio LIVE Team

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