Senior Spotlight: 3 Things You Never Knew About Senior Real Estate Specialists

3 Things You Never Knew About Senior Real Estate Specialists

By now you KNOW that the SRES® agent is one who specializes in helping seniors take the next big step. But this week, we wanted to share 3 lesser-known facts about the Senior Real Estate Specialist® that just might surprise (and inspire!) you!

#1: SRES® agents do not only help older adults who are downsizing.

If you think you have to downsize to benefit from the expert guidance of a Senior Real Estate Specialist® – think again! Since SRES® agents are equipped to support the experiences of those aged 50+, the truth is that downsizing is only one such option. Many of those in their fifties may still be working, may be interested in relocation or the purchase of a bigger home or may even want to use their equity to buy a second or vacation home. And an SRES® agent can help with ALL of that and more! Just ask us how…;).

#2: SRES® agents do not just sell your home – they help protect your best interests as a whole.

Any integrity-driven agent should provide their client with the tools and resources needed to make wise financial decisions by helping them identify red flags in the process and defer clients to consult with estate, tax and financial professionals as necessary. However, that task becomes even more critical in working with those aged 50 and older, as this segment of the population is often at highest risk for scams, fraud and  electronic identity issues. Sadly, the FBI reports that older Americans are the least likely to report acts of fraud and that those aged 60 and over are a particular target of victimization by telephone – often receive promises of prizes, free vacations and gift cards in return for information. SRES® agents can help you anticipate how lenders, title companies and the like communicate, verify information and how to protect yourself and your identity during the course of a transaction.

#3: SRES® agents provide perspective in home adaptations related to long and short-term needs.
We all know that moving is stressful – and chances are you hope to move less over age 50 than you did in the decades prior. SRES® agents can help individuals and families identify a home, community and features of both that meet your needs today, tomorrow and in the years to come. Their objective and educated perspective can draw attention to if and how a home can be adapted to a lifelong home, how it may accommodate a caregiver or physical mobility device and what the pros and cons are of this residence over time. We have not only seen every option – but seen our clients thrive in them and can’t wait to do the same for you!

POP QUIZ: Did any of these statements surprise you?! Do you have any other questions about what an SRES® agent can do for you? Please do not hesitate to reach out! As an SRES® agent AND course instructor, I am committed to serving as your go-to SRES® point of contact at any time.

All my best,
Bobbi Decker, SRES®, CIPS®
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