Senior Spotlight: 4 Things Baby Boomers Thought They Would Never Do… And Here We Are

Did you know that 68% of Baby Boomers own smartphones and 58% own tablets? While older adults are far from strangers to technology, many have never relied on it in the ways that today’s social living conditions require. A high-risk complication status for those aged 65 and over, coupled with widespread orders to shelter-in-place, mean that technology is no longer just ‘convenient to use’ but ‘required to depend on’. According to a recent Forbes article, COVID-19 is changing the way that every generation lives… here is what it means for the Baby Boomers.

#1: Grocery Delivery: While grocery delivery is not a new service, Baby Boomers hadn’t grown to depend on it the way younger generations had. Those who were retired had the time to shop, and most found it more convenient to head to the store to pick out their own items instead of completing the tedious orders online – until now.

#2: In-Home Subscription Entertainment: You know Disney+ isn’t just for kids, right? Those National Geographic shows are a hit for all ages! Netflix has grown its subscriber base DOUBLE in the last 3 months… The LA Times even reports that the average person is streaming 8 hours of content each day and that 3 out of 4 people are using more streaming services since the pandemic hit. Now that Baby Boomers have a taste of life beyond Comcast – they are not likely to ever go back!

#3: Direct-To-Consumer Goods: Many stores where Boomers previously purchased goods are no longer open to not being categorized as an essential service. Amazon turn times and product offerings are limited due to the (necessary) prioritization for essential healthcare facilities and response personnel. Thus, direct-to-consumer good sales are becoming more popular for Boomers according to Forbes – as users shop online via the brands they want directly.

#4: ZOOM, Skype & FaceTime: The only safe and remaining way left to connect with and see loved ones are these above-mentioned avenues, and many Boomers who were previously adverse to these platforms for social connection now find themselves celebrating birthdays, participating in social groups and seeing their grandkids this way.

The world has changed… and while much of it is a CHALLENGE, some of the adaptations we have come to rely may become a chosen way of life even when we have a choice again.

If you would pick one aspect of the way you live life to the fullest today and keep it going… what would it be and why?

Cheers to making the most of today while looking forward to tomorrow,


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