Senior Spotlight: 4 Ways To Unwind

Is it just us… or is life getting more complicated than ever before? The challenges of 2020 have no doubt heightened the stressors that virtually everyone has faced, and the group of us age 50+ are not exempt. If you are a working older adult, you may have growing concerns, as recently reported that 1 in 4 Baby Boomers plan to postpone their retirement due to the pandemic.  When you combine concerns over COVID-19, short and long-term employment worries, the recent wildfires plus life’s usual storms, it can feel impossible to unwind. recently addressed this issue in an article titled ‘Winding Down While Working From Home’ but we believe much of the advice applies to winding down no matter what you have been doing all day! Below, we have compiled a few of their suggestions, plus a few of ours, to help you stress less and relax more before you do what your body needs most – rest & rejuvenate.


Keep the worries and wind down spaces separate! No bills on the nightstand, no calendars on the coffee table, no laptops and work phones in bed. The majority of the space in your home should be a place of comfort and not concern, so don’t be afraid to tuck items away at the end of the day (we promise, it will all be there tomorrow so you don’t need to look at it all night!).


The Zoom calls, the text messages, the social media – it is all a great and necessary way to stay connected – but not all the time. Try a 30-minute widow every evening in which everyone in the house is screen free. Catch-up with one another, or catch-up on a good book. Sit and just breathe or allow yourself 30 minutes on a favorite hobby. It’s amazing what we can do (and how we feel!) when we stop scrolling.


Is there anything like a summer evening walk? A cup of tea on the patio? A peek out the open window? We love walking our doggie after dinner, and we are pretty sure she loves it too. You may not always be able to stop and smell the roses, but hopefully you can discover some small strategy to enjoy the great outdoors daily.


Gratitude journals have long been recommended for better sleep. More happiness and even less illness (according to the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley). But if writing down what you are grateful for feels like one more thing to-do, try just thinking about it! Who are you grateful for, what would you feel lost without, what unexpected thing made you happy today?

Do you have a favorite way to unwind? Feel free to share it on this post under our Facebook page, or email us at We know that our greatest resource now more than ever is each other – and we thank you for sharing your own expertise too!

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