Senior Spotlight: 6 Sun Safety Questions For Every Senior

Sunny DayWe love our seniors… and we love sunny weather too! But the two are not always a good mix! With age comes an increased risk to dehydration, skin cancer, heat stroke and other-heat related conditions. We’ve written several blogs about sunscreen selection, seasonal spring & summer safety & aging skin… so this week we are bring it all together with ease. If you don’t have time to read about everything you can do to maximize your warm weather health – take two minutes to ask yourself (or a senior in your life) these six questions.

6 Sun Safety Questions For Every Senior

#1: Are you increasing your water intake as the temperatures rise?

While we all know the answer should be YES, the ultimate consideration is HOW. Does keeping a large water bottle with you at all times increase your consumption? Can you commit to drinking two glasses of water per meal instead of one? Would a water delivery service help keep you motivated?

#2: What’s the expiration date on your sunscreen?
This question is a bit of a trick! You’ll have to find your sunscreen to verify the expiration date. Do not use past its prime… you’ll lose invaluable UV protection. 
*** If you are looking for a helpful sunscreen guide, be sure to check out the Environmental Working Group Guide To Sunscreens (updated annually!). CLICK HERE!
#3: What’s your plan to keep your home cool?

Many seniors have AC – but are afraid to use it too frequently due to increasing utility costs. Consumer Reports recommends starting your AC setting at 78 degrees – and lowering one degree at a time if you are still not comfortable. If you don’t have air conditioning… do you have fans in your living and sleeping areas? Are you aware of the closest cooling center in the event of a major heat wave?

#4: Have you asked your doctor about your medication interactions with the sun and heat?

Some medications make you more susceptible to dehydration, while others increase your skin sensitivity to burns. Both are dangerous – so be sure to ask your doctor if any ongoing medications or new prescriptions present increased risks. Knowledge is power.

#5: Who is your sun safety contact?

Let’s say you run out of water, begin to feel ill or find it too hot to get to the store. Be sure you have 2-3 sun safety contacts who can help you – and proactively check on you during those heat waves. It may feel silly – but let’s face it, you’d do the same for a loved one in a heartbeat – why not let them do it for you!

#6: What do you need to do next?
By now you may have identified a gap in your sun safety plan. Maybe you need to buy a new sunscreen, assign a loved one as your sun safety contact – or contact your local city services department to find out about cooling center locations & openings. Your health is far too important to ignore, so please take care and help the seniors in your life do the same.
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