Senior Spotlight: Change Can Be Good; Just Ask The Baby Boomers

We hope that everyone is staying healthy, happy and cool this week! In our new Senior Spotlight, we wanted to share a hot topic regarding times when tidal waves of change can actually lead to calmer seas. The case in point is how the current pandemic has shifted the path of some Baby Boomers – in a good way!

The times we are in have no doubt brought stressors and concerns to many individuals and families, and we would like to first acknowledge that the questions and outcomes we are presenting today are not universal. If you are struggling with a decision before you however, we do hope that these perspectives offer hope for better days ahead. (Hugs!)

Many Baby Boomers considered themselves in limbo in pre-pandemic times. Many had been considering retirement, waiting to realize their dreams or deciding when and how their next move would take place. In a recent article from, three individuals shared their stories of how COVID-19 ended up charting their course… for the better.

– In one story, an author and arts advocate in her late 50’s changed her plans from moving into an urban retirement community to residing in a rural family property that brought her back to her roots.

– In another example, a set of empty-nesters prioritized selling their family home due to a heightened demand from city residents seeking homes in the suburbs.

– In a third scenario, a fundraising professional in the arts industry decided that the pandemic could be his ‘glass half-full’ and decided to take the plunge into the next phase of life in his dream retirement location.

Check out the article  ‘How the Coronavirus Is Changing Some Boomers Real Estate Plans for the Better’ in full here to see the details of each situation.

While there is no single solution that is right for every adult aged 50+, we would like to pose a series of questions that gets you thinking about your own priorities and lifestyle wants vs. needs. We hope that these questions will be helpful to you at any crossroads you face – not just those facing us all today.

1) What are the 3 things that make a house (and community!) a home to YOU at the stage of life you are in today.

2) Do you have a plan for what you want your life to look like ‘next’ and what the trigger for that timeframe will be?

3) Has your long-term vision for your life changed in 2020? What do you want, or NOT want, now that did not apply before?

4) Has a shift to remote work or early retirement caused you to consider moving to another city or state? (Heading towards better weather or loved ones?)

5) Does the current market environment make you question if opportunity is knocking?

We would never encourage any homeowner at any age to make a decision in haste – but we will always champion continuing or pursuing a life you love, so let us know if we can help in any way at any time!

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