Senior Spotlight: Good-Bye Aging Challenges, Hello Senior Solutions (A Must-Know Resource For You)

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Greetings Friends! As you know, we are MORE than dedicated to not only finding the silver lining of aging and helping you make the later years your best ones yet, but simultaneously seeking solutions to what growing older entails. On that note, we are excited to share a like-minded platform called the ‘Tech-Enhanced Life’. Co-Founder Richard Cairo and his dedicated team believe that you don’t have to let growing older get in the way of doing the things you love; their independent, objective, analysis, product evaluations, and explorations are designed to make the challenges of growing older less challenging. That sounds exactly like the life that every one of us needs and deserves, right?

We have provided links and descriptions to three recent features from the ‘Tech-Enhanced Life’ newsletter below, and we encourage you to visit the high-value website HERE. Be sure to subscribe to this informative, monthly newsletter HERE, where you will find past editions as well.

 “An App to Make New Friends: Intergenerational Brainstorming

Would you love to eavesdrop on a little brainstorming session about a really big concept? What do you think about an app that is designed to help make friends? Take a listen to this intergenerational dialogue about privacy considerations, platform concepts and interest areas as a construct for this potential product. (Click Here)

“Smartwatch As Medical Alert?”

Look, we get it. Feeling old can be frustrating… and looking old is NOT an option. What if you could say good-bye to clumsy, clunky, embarrassing medical alert devices but retain their efficacy in a modern mechanism? Explore the why, the what and which is best for you HERE!

“Technology & the Future of Aging”

If you are looking for the spaces in which aging and technology collide, look no further. This live recording of a talk given by Richard Caro entitled “The Future of Aging, & the Intersection of Aging & Technology” offers insights into: staying connected, safety, compensation & augmentation & every-day objects. Concepts are derived directly from a community of older adults in their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s (called the Longevity Explorers) who try out new products which leverage technology and assess their benefits. Listen HERE!

We’d like to sincerely thank Richard Cairo and the Tech-Enhanced Life team for their contributions to our community, and for sharing their expertise with us!

All our best,

Bobbi & Buddy

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