Senior Spotlight: Holiday Gifts For Seniors

You know how your grandmother tells you NOT to buy her anything for the holidays…but her face lights up if you do? Is grandpa getting into technology but not quite sure where to start? In this week’s Senior Spotlight…I checked into a few resources to help you get the perfect gifts for the perfect seniors in your life! Okay – nobody’s perfect – but chances are that they hold the perfect place in your family, and that is as close to flawless as you can get! suggests that there are 8 types of gifts you can get the older loved ones in your life, listed below. I would recommend something practical and something fun – we all know the disaster of getting mom a vacuum for her birthday, right?!

  1. Make life easier and more comfortable
  2. Make it easier to get around
  3. Keep them safe
  4. Keep special memories close at hand
  5. Use technology to stay connected
  6. Entertain and engage
  7. Are for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia
  8. Bring you closer

Read the complete article HERE. has put together a few great gift guides based on price ranges – and even the $25-50 price point had some custom creations, family fun games and links to make purchases online for all of the items listed!

Find the senior gift guide by price HERE.

If you love the idea of senior shopping – but don’t have an aging loved one in your life, there is a really unique program called ‘Be A Santa To A Senior’. You can make a HUGE difference in someone’s holiday season with a small token of thoughtfulness. Search by zip code at:

When in doubt about what to get – it is true that the thought is all that counts! A fantastic and free present is the gift of your time – how about tackling that honey-do list dad has had on the fridge for 6 months? Remembering to pick up Uncle Tom’s favorite burnt almond cake for Christmas Eve, or making your famous bread pudding is also sure to satisfy the senses – who doesn’t love their favorite food as a gift?! Pulling out old holiday photos and creating a memory board or playing the old family slide show will likely stir up some great conversation – and that is the best gift anyone could ask for!



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