Senior Spotlight: Home Trends For Active Seniors

Boomer Trends

Just because 76 million Baby Boomers are aging and beginning to enjoy retirement – does not mean that they are ready to slow down! According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), Baby Boomers are a more active aging generation than those of the past past; what they want in their homes and lifestyles is a reflection of such.

The NAHB reports that home builders and remodelers are seeing  the features below oft-requested by Boomers… do any of these come as a surprise to you?

Home Offices: It’s true – many Baby Boomers are choosing to work past 65, and whether as a second career or part-time work from home gig, a home office offers more flexibility and a much shorter commute. 😉

Media Centers/Tech Rooms: Smart homes are NOT just for millennials. The NAHB reports that many tech-savvy boomers desire top-of-the-line surround sound, central control systems for all media and remote-control lighting and security.

Wider Doors & Hallways: Those choosing to age in place for as long as they can often invest in upgrades that make a home wheelchair accessible, before they need it. Why wait until a fall occurs when you can plan ahead and have one less worry for the future? (This is also a wise choice when downsizing to a single-level home; why not add accessibility to your wish list before you move-in!)

Better Lighting: Aging eyes can often benefit from more light, not to mention the wonders that sunlight does for the soul. Builders are deliberately adding larger windows, under-cabinet lighting and additional fixtures and switches for safety purposes.

The First-Floor Bedroom & Bathroom: Did you know that compared to 10 years ago when less than 25% of new homes had master suites, that figure has risen to over 40%? This increases the chance for new construction to act as a lifelong home and appeal to buyers of all ages.

Flex Space: Builders are seeing newer homes and existing residences benefit from flex spaces, which can be used for a child’s room, guest bedroom hobby area, library or caregiver room. The most versatile flex spaces allow for privacy, have their own bath and are large enough to accommodate diverse and changing needs.

While many of the specifications above are designed to support aging in place, keep in mind that these features may be desirable in your next residence, even if it is not your last one. Your needs from 50-70 may be different than your needs from 70-90. Take one decade at a time and make the most of where you are at and what you wish to achieve while you are there.

Resource Used: Housing Trends for Baby Boomers

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