Senior Spotlight: How ‘A Glass Half-Full’ Can Fight Dementia

Glass FullThe benefits of thinking positive may be far greater than ever thought possible, according to a new report from The Global Council On Brain Health. This AARP focus group consists of scientists, doctors, scholars and policy experts who have recently completed a meta-analysis of research that looks at how mental well-being impacts cognitive changes. Past studies have indicated that anxiety & depression are often linked with cognitive decline, and this latest report reveals the seven key elements mental well-being and what the relationship is to memory, decision-making and mood stability.

Elements Of Mental Well Being

1) Self-Acceptance; 2) Vitality; 3) Positive Relationships; 4) Purpose In Life; 5) Optimism; 6) Self-Confidence; 7) Stress Management

Why Mental Well-Being Matters

For people who think that dementia and cognitive declines are an inevitable and uncontrollable aspect of aging… this data is a game-changer! The elements of mental well-being are modifiable and can improve with the actions and choices that we make. The Global Council On Brain Health has concluded that “Poor mental well-being (e.g., pessimism, not feeling useful) may interfere with people abilities to think and reason, as well as how they interact with others and regulate their emotions” while “greater mental well-being is associated with reduced dementia risks, and that it is possible to maintain mental well-being even if you experience declines in your cognitive abilities or physical health.”

What Steps Can You Take

Those who wish to benefit from the potential, protective benefits of improved mental well-being can download the complete recommendations from AARP HERE. Examples include: participating in activities you enjoy, making meaningful connections and volunteering, making healthy food choices, exercising both indoors and out as well as getting high-quality sleep! As you can see, these suggestions are very attainable and even fun – all in the name of improved cognitive functioning. That is a win-win that just can’t be beat!

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