Senior Spotlight: Is Travel The Best Rx For Aging?!

IMG_0039We are the first to admit that home is absolutely where the heart is! But that does not mean it is a place you should never leave. As avid travelers ourselves, we were not surprised to read a recent article in AARP which championed seven advantages of travel that are good for the body and mind. In addition, AARP research indicated that 49% of Boomers traveled to rejuvenate in 2018, with many taking 4-5 leisure trips annually (spending about $6,400 on travel over a 12-month period). As we summarize the benefits below, ask yourself if your current lifestyle allows for travel (local, nationwide or global!) and how taking a trip or two could improve your own quality of life. One reason why many people choose to downsize is to create greater cash flow for hobbies and health – including travel and the associated aspects of mental, emotional and social well-being!

Welcoming The Unexpected. Chances are, you have spent your whole life planning – buying a home, raising children/pets, diversifying your portfolio, managing your 401K. But retirement brings the opportunity to plan less and enjoy more! Travel can bring experiences you expected… moreover – the surprise of food, places and people that you never expected (but enjoyed even more than what you planned!)! Travel is an amazing form of stimulation for the mind. New experiences bring new perspective; think staying young and fresh via heart and soul!

Keeping Us Up With The Times. Getting from Point A to Point B has changed a lot over the years. Trip planning might get you using the latest transportation app, googling the best eateries at your destination, booking hotels online or learning the latest carry-on guidelines. Keeping up with the times can help you feel better connected to those around you of all generations, and open opportunities for the use of technology that are helpful in multiple aspects of your life.

Giving You Something To Talk About. Let’s be honest… the grandkids and even the players at your card club do not want to hear about Medicare costs, arthritis or gray hair all the time. Don’t age yourself by only talking about the downsides of it. Being older brings the flexibility to travel that most people don’t have when they are young; better yet, talking about where you have been inspires great stories and might even get you a new travel buddy or two!

Are you already dreaming of an island get-a-way? A weekend trip to the beach? A European River Cruise? Here are some more tips to help you pack your bags and light up your life… and bring back with you more memories to fill your heart and home!

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