Senior Spotlight: New Approaches To Intergenerational Living


When you think of intergenerational living, chances are you think of multiple generations of one family living under one roof. But as urban lifestyles, co-living and affordable housing trends converge – the new models of intergenerational living move past familial ties that bind.

There are many scientific and practical benefits to mixing age groups, and it was the way that many families lived until relocation and distance separated generations hundreds and often thousands of miles apart. Developers are using new approaches to recreate the many benefits of multiple generations supporting one another – and these are just a few examples of how:

| High-profile college communities are now building retirement-targeted housing and enabling residents to attend courses (such as at Legacy Pointe, University of Central Florida).

| Mixed-use developments with senior living property, co-working space and a hotel in one center (such as Charter Senior Living, Huntsville, Alabama).

| College-based communities which offer housing for retired faculty, staff and even alumni.

| A European-based co-housing model in which residents of all ages help each other and share responsibilities among common facilities.

| Senior living neighborhoods with on-site preschools (in many master planned communities nationwide).

| Robust intergenerational programming opportunities such as: retirees and college students assembling backpack kits for nearby homeless youth, senior volunteer opportunities at local schools, etc.

As you can see, there seems to be a natural pairing of retirees and college students – two cohorts who have been traditionally ‘siloed’ by age. Yet both groups typically enjoy walkable urban environments, multicultural experiences and access to theater, arts and dining. In addition, the relationships built between youth and retirees supports an exchange of knowledge in different areas. Youth may be able to offer more technological support (like smartphone 101!) and guidance and even achieve gainful employment at the senior living community, while retirees may offer not only life and job experience, but tutoring in areas of mastery to younger students.

We encourage you to read more about program success, other projects in the works and the many benefits of multigenerational living in the original article which appeared on Real Estate Business Online, titled “Seniors Housing Developers Embrace Intergenerational Living Trends”, published July 19, 2019.

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