Senior Spotlight: New Research Regarding The Benefits Of A Multigenerational Workforce

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In honor of Labor Day – we are addressing a new topic on our blog that brings to light the benefits of older adults in the workforce. You may have seen us address the issue before of age discrimination in the workplace, so we were very happy to come across some data that dove into what employees value about a multigenerational workforce.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 27% of workers are aged 55 and older. USA Today reported this year that workers 55 and over made up half of all employment gains in 2018. And new research from AARP via an online survey reveals that 7 out of 10 adults like working with generations other than their own. 77% of respondents said that having older colleagues ‘creates an opportunity to learn new skills.” Moreover, 69% of respondents said that ‘older employees make the work environment more productive.’  In particular, younger employees reported that they valued older coworkers’ wisdom and experience with navigating the workplace.

One of the less talked about but most impactful benefits of a multi-generational workforce is mentorship. In the AARP survey cited above, 83% of respondents cited mentorship as important to their career, while two-thirds of employees had either been a mentor or mentee.

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