Senior Spotlight: Offshore Retirement 101 (Podcasts!)

gran pacificaThere is nothing we enjoy more than keeping up with the times in real estate…. and looking back on the times that real estate decided to keep up with us! With all of the recent talk and reports centered around the globalization of real estate, we decided to take you to a little throwback of last December when we shared the emerging trend of US retirees seeking an off-shore retirement. Check out the podcasts below which reveal why older adults are seeking new roots in their most treasured years, how Central America  has become a hot spot for retirees and what 15 questions you MUST ask yourself before you consider an overseas move.

Need your own copy of the “Consumer Resource Guide For Overseas Property Ownership”?! Email and we’ll introduce you to Michael ourselves! 

Listen in below and don’t forget to catch our current 3-part series on ‘Moving In & Moving Out’ – a podcast line-up with the latest news on who’s buying US residential real estate and who’s making a move!

Special thanks to our featured expert guest Michael Cobb… a TOP 100 CEO in Central America & CEO of ECI Development

Consumer Resource Guide For Overseas Property Ownership
Central America: Offshore Living

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