Senior Spotlight: The 3 Best Practices That Every Senior Deserves


Solid, Ethical Practices: What Every Senior Deserves 

I have always believed that every chapter of life has something beautiful to offer, but have  long been fascinated with the part of one’s life story that emerges at age 50 and beyond. One of the very first designations I ever earned was the Senior Real Estate Specialist Designation (SRES)®. As my passion for meeting and exceeding the expectations of older adults grew, so did my business! I am now proud to share that over 50% of my services are dedicated to senior clients every year. In addition, I enthusiastically support other agents who share this dedication by teaching the 2-day SRES® Designation course several times per year up and down the West Coast. In both my own work with seniors and the guidance that I provide to my students, I prioritize and uphold 3 best practices that I want to share with YOU in this week’s Senior Spotlight.


#1: The move is NOT about the sale. Every Senior Real Estate Specialist® I know is dedicated to this principle as much as I am. It is absolutely imperative not to sell the senior’s home until all avenues are explored, a plan is in place and a timetable for the move is set. No one should ever be rushed to list their home until their best interests are accounted for in full.

#2: Knowledge of the Reverse Mortgage For Purchase and the Reverse Mortgage utilized for Divorce Settlement is invaluable. Every senior has a right to know the complete realm of possibilities before making a decision. I am always devastated when I learn that a homeowner has not been educated on their options in full – and the situations in which I see this the most is the reverse mortgage purchase and the need for cash-out for a spouse upon divorce. The Pew Research Center reports that divorce rates for America’s 50+ population have roughly doubled since the 1990’s, making this a necessary and relevant topic of conversation.

#3: There should be a concierge team of vendors at the seller’s service, recommended by the SRES®. A transition from a lifelong home and lifelong book of memories is never an easy one. But the process can and should be managed with complete access to trusted referral sources including but not limited to: reverse mortgage lenders, move managers & professional organizers, tax and financial professionals/advisors and vetted movers. This team can and should help with any part of the process that the seller desires – such as de-cluttering, preparing a home for staging, managing donations and auction items and more. SRES® agents are fully trained and committed to providing an unrivaled network of contacts that they would trust to move their own loved ones.

Did any of these best practices surprise you? If they were new to you – they may also be unknown to someone you know and care about! Please be sure to share this information with anyone you know aged 50 and over. Even if they do not need assistance today, they have every right to know what they deserve and can expect in the future.

All my best,

Bobbi Decker, SRES®, CIPS®
Broker Associate, Today Sotheby’s International Realty
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