Senior Spotlight: What To Expect On Our Blog In 2019

2019Happy 2019! As we prepare for our best year yet – we are hoping you plan to do the same! If you know us, it will be no surprise to you that our commitment to living longer & living better will continue in all that we do this year. Our Senior Spotlight will continue weekly right here on our blog, as we seek out the most relevant, informative and helpful data for living your best life at any age.

While we cannot predict exactly what trends and news will shape this critical sector of our community, we do know the following will be a big part of it! Here is a sneak peek of just a few of the topics that will be appearing on our blog this year…


Forbes reports that in the last 10 years, retirement overseas has increased 40%; that equates to nearly 700,000 Social Security checks getting delivered off-shore. Therefore, you can expect us to provide more data and guidance on the pros, cons and hottest spots to consider. If you just can’t wait… check out ‘The Best Places To Retire Abroad In 2019’ from Forbes.


You have heard us talk about your retirement being far different from that of your grandparents. With reporting that 15 million Americans have saved up enough for private, continuing care, we’ll address what the most desirable and luxurious senior care communities are offering to meet this demand. Get a sneak peek in ‘Luxury Care Communities for Seniors Surge in Demand’ from the National Association of Realtors.


We know that feeling good is the first step in leading a life you love. It’s hard to do the things you enjoy if you struggle with physical pain, financial hardship or emotional ups and downs (we get it!). We will continue to offer valuable and multi-faceted perspectives on how health considerations, isolation & socialization and support systems can give you the life you want and deserve! For just a few ideas… check out these recent reads from The New York Times.


The worst part about aging has nothing to do with gray hair and everything to do with the lack of ethics in certain industries and the growing number of criminals who target the elderly. Considered the most vulnerable population in terms of scam-tracking and consumer abuse, we will do everything possible to inform you and protect you from the types of fraud that target older adults. Please be sure to visit AARP’s Fraud Resource Center regularly; we will pull from these articles as well.


Your health does not have to decline for you to rightsize your home to your lifestyle! Whether you want to go big, go minimal or experience a whole new climate – I am here to help you find your best life via your best home for where you want to be today! Moving closer to family, moving farther from the cold or even purchasing a second home can really add to your quality of life… and I can’t wait to show you how rewarding it can be! Contact me this year to chat about what you’d like to do or what ideas you have – even if you are unsure of the timing or the destination. THAT is my specialty! Please reach out at anytime!

That is JUST the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all that we have planned this year! If you hear of any topics you would like us to cover with regards to senior real estate needs, health and wellness or otherwise, ping me at or 650.346.5352.

Cheers to your best year yet!


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