The Best Of 'Tuesday's Top Visual' 2015

I hope that you are having a great December! Welcome back as this week’s post continues the ‘Best Of’ series from my blogs this year. My hope is that you feel the very best real estate information has been right at your fingertips. Tuesday’s have been one of my favorite days of the week, as each 2nd day of the week revealed a ‘Tuesday Top Visual’ to literally deliver the message that ‘a picture is worth a 1,000 words!’.

Here you go…take a peek at ‘Best of Bobbi’s Tuesday Top Visuals: 2015’.
Tuesday’s Top Visual: What Hamburgers & Housing Have In Common
At first, I thought this analysis just made me hungry. And then I realized it also sent an amazing message on the true impact of inflation on many household items from food to gas, education and housing, etc. Not saying I didn’t stop for a Big Mac that day, but I definitely learned a thing or two, and I hope you did too!
Tuesday’s Top Visual: Who Is Most Likely To Buy?

Sellers certainly had their pick of buyers this year, but just exactly who were they? While every generation had its share, Generation Y represented 68% of new buyers. See who came in 2nd, 3rd and 4th by checking out the blog above.

Tuesday’s Top Visual: What Kind Of Home Does A College Education Get You?!

With the cost of college tuition rising, I found many clients wondering if a college degree proved results just as measurable for their children – as it did for their generation. Is such a really large investment really going to help my child succeed in the long run? We all know life is what you make of it, but that there are also some commonalities of home ownership trends in the most educated cities. See what they are in this enlightening edition of Tuesday’s Top Visual.

Tuesday’s Top Visual: Eco Friendly Home Features

Do Home owners want to save green…or be green? Learn what eco-friendly features were really worth it when it came time to sign, seal and deliver that contract. This is what buyer’s really want…and solar may not be as hot as you think…

Looking for more ‘Best Of’ blog editions? Check back tomorrow for Wednesday’s Luxury Lifestyles that stood out from the rest!
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