The Housing Supply Crunch: Weighing the Options

Microphone (clipping path included)Happy Friday! While you may be getting ready for a weekend that’s a little lighter than your work week – we are getting ready to do some heavy lifting on Real Estate Radio LIVE as we explore a big topic with far reaching implications: the housing supply crunch. As a controversial and complex real estate topic, you may find that many of our suggestions are NOT easily implemented by the bureaucracies that would need to act for these solutions to work.

To help provide an objective perspective, we will attempt to explain both the positive and negative aspects of government involvement in housing supply matters, as well as the unintended consequences.  We will also touch upon some of the positive technology and trends that have great potential to employ true change in the future.

In addition, we plan to dedicate more of our time and energy moving forward towards introducing you to the thought leaders and front runners of housing policy.  We’ll be reaching out to those who develop ideas and those who have the responsibility of working on the problem to shed more light on what is being done, what can be done and what actions are presently taking place to make it happen.

Stay tuned as we will also share some BREAKING NEWS with regards to our future programming plans that loyal, regular and new audience members will not want to miss!

Join us Friday afternoon from 3-4pm PST on AM 1220 KDOW for an engaging, educational and exciting hour on Real Estate Radio LIVE!

Thanks Joe, Bobbi and Buddy

Join Hosts Joe Cucchiara, Bobbi Decker & Buddy Saupe Every Friday From 3-4pm on AM 1220 KDOW

Join Hosts Joe Cucchiara, Bobbi Decker & Buddy Saupe Every Friday From 3-4pm on AM 1220 KDOW


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