The Most Photographed Car in the World – 1928 Plymouth Roadster that Traversed the Globe

Bobbi Decker and Buddy Saupe were active participants in the kickoff of the World Auto Tour, Leg III across the United States of America.  Buddy, acting as the strategic initiatives consultant for Today Sotheby’s International Realty, sponsor of the Tour, was the catalyst of the connections between the Tour adventurers and Sotheby’s offices worldwide.  The marketing concept was simple; Sotheby’s International Realty is a truly global organization and the Tour route would pass by many of the Asian, European and United States Sotheby’s offices.  image-3The plan was to stop with the 1928 Plymouth Roadster at as many offices as possible, another unique way to comprehend and focus on the magnitude of what worldwide exposure can mean to Sotheby’s Realty clients.

The series of videos will give you a few moments out of the 16,397-mile journey and you will meet the hardy and daring souls that planned and lived this adventure. image-1In the first video Bobbi will introduce John Quam and Luke Rizzuto at the kickoff of Leg III in Plymouth, Massachusetts, the beginning point of the Yellowstone Trail – the first highway across the United States. Overview maps of all three legs of the tour will also be presented.

You can learn more of the details of the World Auto Tour by reviewing their almost daily blog posts of the entire journey at Plus stay tuned for the entire series here on Bobbi’s Blog.

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