The Plymouth Roadster and Plymouth Rock!

Plymouth, MA is a rather fitting location for the kick-off of Leg III of the World Auto Tour and the trip across the US on the Yellowstone Trail. As we mentioned in the first announcement of the Tour and in these videos on Bobbi Decker’s blog, the 1928 Roadster is the most photographed car in the world. From Yokohama to Paris – Leg I, Paris to Iceland – Leg II and Plymouth Massachusetts to Seattle on the Yellowstone Trail – Leg III and  then back to home base in the San Francisco Bay area it is estimated that over 100,000 pictures and videos were taken.  In Japan and Russia in particular an American made car of this vintage had never been seen before. The advent of cell phone, iPad and good old fashion cameras made the phenomena happen.

Here is the video interview with our adventurers Luke & John at the enclosure of the famous Plymouth Rock, the place where the Pilgrims landed in 1620. You can learn more of the details of the World Auto Tour by reviewing their almost daily blog posts of the entire journey on  Plus stay tuned for the entire series here on Bobbi’s Blog.


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