Tuesday’s Top Visual: What Hamburgers & Housing Have In Common

I don’t know about you…but this time of year is quite the temptation for food. Whether it’s turkey dinners, pumpkin lattes or the free-flowing office supply of See’s candy that starts this time of year…tasty treats are all around us. Maybe that is why I couldn’t simply scroll by this fun article that takes a look at the big price increases associated with Big Macs…& housing!

Month 6 Tuesday 2

As you can see, this fall data provided by the National Association of Realtors (NAR®) takes a look at the actual increase of 5 common household goods next to home prices. Surprisingly, the Big Mac price increase is more drastic than property prices over a 30 year period. This is largely because meat and bread have consistently increased in cost, while housing has stagnated and then recovered. Not so surprisingly…college tuition has grown 5 times, compared to the 2.6x increase in home prices. Ouch! To read more about where gasoline, Radio Shack stock prices and cell phones rank in the 30 year price comparison, click here.

Hope you enjoyed Tuesday’s Top Visual…and that you enjoy that Big Mac just a little more when you see how much you are relatively paying for it. (Good thing they didn’t have Starbucks on every corner 30 years ago…that would be quite the comparison! )

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Read the complete article at: http://www.realtor.com/news/trends/housing-prices-gone-up-less-than-mcdonalds-big-mac-in-the-past-30-years/?identityID=9745624&MID=2015_1016_WeeklyNL&RID=351413602&cid=eml-2015-1016-WeeklyNL-blog_1_risingprices-blogs_trends
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