Tuesday’s Top Visual: Yurts – Unique Property Spotlight

tree-house-yurt-thirty-feet-above-groundBy now, you hopefully look forward to the fact that on Tuesday, I dedicate my blog to more about what you see and less about what you have to read. This week’s top visual might look to you like some form of a treehouse, retreat or outdoor loft. It is actually a ‘yurt’ and one of three that majestically ground a property called Two Bears Dancing in Twain Harte California.

Traditionally, a yurt was a portable, round tent covered with skins used by the Nomad population of Central Asia 3,000 years ago. In the 1970’s, yurts entered more local, US popularity due to their reduced environmental impact and low cost to build.

Now, these distinctly-designed structures have been witnessed in trees, on lakes, amid forests and used as guest quarters, artist studios, spiritual retreats and workshops. The simple, single room round layout and ability to be built virtually anywhere inspires openness, vision, creativity and ingenuity. For a full slide show of yurts and their uses, click here:  http://www.houselogic.com/photos/home-thoughts/yurt-houses/slide/baby-yurt-can-drive-my-car/

To see the floating, treehouse and multi-purpose styles situated in the serenity of Twain Harte, visit the complete gallery at:  http://twobearsdancing.info/yurts/
To see what might top this treehouse visual…check back every Tuesday for more pictures that not only say a thousand words, but inspire your body, mind & spirit!
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