Tune In Tuesday: Rent Control Reality & Ramifications On Real Estate Radio LIVE

business-meetingIt’s an issue that’s on the ballot, it’s a topic that creates havoc for employees and employers alike, it’s an annoyance that impacts tenants and investors alike – and last week we brought it to Real Estate Radio LIVE: rent control. Tune In to the podcast below as San Mateo County Association of Realtors CEO, Steve Blanton takes the time to educate us all on the most pertinent and pressing issues of affordability, rationality and validity in the arena of rent control. From what makes sense – to what doesn’t – to how legislation is missing the boat – learn everything you want and NEED to know about rent control in the greater Bay Area.

Topics Include:
1.Rent control overview and underlying issues involving Measures R and Q.
2.’Just Cause’ evictions and the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act.
3.How can we create affordable housing and control landlords?
4.Relocation payments.
5.Brian from San Mateo calls in with examples of how unreasonable rent control measures have affected his investment properties.
6.What are our options to get involved?

If you’ve got questions…we’ll find the answers! Email us anytime at bobbi@bobbidecker.com with areas of interest you’d like us to cover on-air. Find us every Friday from 3-4pm PST on AM 1220 KDOW and check out the podcasts right here each ‘Tune In Tuesday!

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