Everything You Needed To Know About The Changing Tax Code

As you all know we have a number of issues sitting before the House of Representatives and Senate. While we like to poke fun at our politicians for a number of reasons, today Bobbi and Buddy turn their attention to the National Association of Realtors and the California Association of Realtors who work hard to protect private property rights from Congress.  In the studio with our hosts is Michael Verdone, a long time local advocate who has been working alongside the NAR and CAR on property rights issues. Specific topics include:

  • How the NAR works with Congress on tax code changes
  • Tax reform in the House versus what the Senate is proposing
  • Where is Congress coming up with these poor ideas?
  • The Gang of Six
  • Is a business cut of 20% the right number?
  • Cutting costs vs. creating new taxes
  • And much more!


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