Moving In And Moving Out –Part 1

As we continue moving towards a global economy the world just seems to be getting smaller and smaller. Would you even believe we saw a 49% increase in property sales to international buyers between March 2016-17? What may not surprise you is that over half of these buyers purchased in only 3 states. Using CIPS, the NAR report on inbound buyers and a meeting with ECI Development ECO Michael Cobb, Joe, Bobbi and Buddy examine the details behind who is moving in who is moving out of the US. Specific topics include:

  • The shocking increase in property sales to international buyers
  • Working with foreign buyers
  • The two major demographics that are moving out to where and why
  • Top 3 purchasing countries and top 3 states they bought
  • Getting your CIPS designation

Need your own copy of the “Consumer Resource Guide For Overseas Property Ownership”?!Email and we’ll introduce you to Michael ourselves!

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