Residential Building Styles –Part 1

Is this a condo or a town house? If you’ve found yourself asking questions similar to that you’re not alone because the only way to tell the difference is by knowing the style. In fact there are 35 different building styles of residential homes alone in the US. Listen in and have a deeper understanding of the differences between the most dominant homes in the west. This Friday Joe, Bobbi and Buddy begin the journey of 35 covering the differences of Eichlers, Pueblos and every home in between. Specific topics include:

  • Practical Pueblos and Pueblo Revivals
  • Flat Ranch “farms”
  • Native American and European inspired Spanish homes
  • Monterey Colonial with their second floor porches
  • Distinctive Eichler’s
  • Art Deco arenas
  • The all- American Log Homes
  • Thatched Cape Cod’s
  • Symmetrical Colonial’s
  • New England Salt Boxes


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