Why A Buyer’s Agent

In order to serve her clients most efficiently Bobbi helps at every step of property purchase. She ensures continuity, accuracy and exemplary service.

Because of Bobbi’s long-term career in real estate, her five-day-a-week real estate television program, her weekly newspaper column, and having taught both existing and new residential real estate agents at Anthony Schools—she ensures that every detail is understood and managed to the benefit of her  buyer clients.

Bobbi work directly with her clients looking to purchase a new home, reviewing their needs and wants.  She works with computer systems, target marketing programs, plus personal and industry relationships to find the best likely matches, then previews
properties prior to touring potential properties with her client so as not to waste her client’s time visiting  properties that do not fit their criteria.

Bobbi uses a rich variety of web tools to enhance the sales effort such as the web based Multiple Listing Services (MLS) that help prospective buyers gain some insight on available properties for sale.

Bobbi has a rich background in customer service with a desire to achieve the best possible results for our clients and genuinely care about the communities where her clients live. As examples:

Bobbi was a high school Bio/Chemistry teacher. And when it comes to caring, Bobbi gives a portion of each closed escrow to the charity or nonprofit of her client’s choice. She has been trained and earned the official designation as Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) which provides critical insights on how to help our graying population, from Baby Boomers to the elderly to successfully integrate their property needs and wants with their life management concerns. To further support our graying community she has developed the new Living Longer Forum TV, web and seminar series which is dedicated to educating people on a variety of aging issues. Knowledge is power and we believe a well informed consumer of any age makes better choices.

For clients who are purchasing a home, Bobbi porvides the following services:

    Assesses the client’s needs and wants in detail to expedite finding properties
    Helps her client get pre-qualified which provides a reality check of what the client can afford
    Uses web searches and personal relationships to find properties that meet her client’s criteria
    Does direct marketing to specific areas if needed to uncover unlisted possible properties
    Negotiates to assure the best possible results in these areas:

      Sales Price
      Property condition and any related repairs
      Closing timing
      Inclusion or exclusion of any items on the property
      A smooth escrow process
    Helps her clients with her trusted resources to facilitate her client’s move, add or change interior or exterior characteristics of the property, and to assist wherever possible to simplify all the aspects of moving to a new home and community

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